On January 31st 2011, Chelsea FC completed the biggest transfer in the history of English football. Spanish striker Fernando Torres moved from Liverpool FC southwards to West London, costing £50million. With his prolific goalscoring at Liverpool and the hefty price tag caused many fans - Chelsea and other - to place huge expectations upon the Spaniards shoulders. And then following a major goal drought (it took Torres nearly three months to score his first goal for the club) many labelled Fernando’s transfer a flop.

Though the rest of his career has been anything but consistent, there are moments when Torres shows Chelsea fans exactly why they splashed so much cash on him. A moment that no Chelsea fan will ever forget, is his dash down the pitch at the Camp Nou in the final minutes, when he rounded Victor Valdes, and slotted the ball into the back of the net - solidifying Chelsea’s progression to the Champions League Final in 2012. And his goal to put Chelsea ahead in the Europa League Final against Benfica. Both of which Chelsea went on to win.

Despite the highly publicised (and often very fabricated) struggles that Fernando has had, he has at least fulfilled the very reason he moved to Stamford Bridge - to win trophies. In the three years, he has helped Chelsea to win the FA Cup, the Champions League and the Europa League. For a solitary week in 2013, Fernando (along with compatriot Juan Mata) held the Champions League, Europa League, European Championship and World Cup titles at the same time  - becoming the first people in history to do so. 

¡Gracias por todo, Fernando!
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